Hello. We are pop up staff.

Staffing specialists focused on providing on-brand, retail ready staff solutions for pop ups.

We work with an array of Brands, PR and Communications Agencies, Event Organisers, Shopping Centres and Department Stores and Entrepreneurs; as well as Online Companies looking to take the first step from online onto the high street.

What we do

Pop Up Experiential

A flash of fashionable hype or a jolt of limited luxury.

They arrive out of nowhere… Gone in a blink of an eye… Pop Ups have become the “go-to” promotional activity to enhance product awareness, reach out to new markets and reinforce brand values.

Many brands have come to rely on the creative impact of experiential Pop Ups and the burst of PR activity they provide. When staffing them not only is it vital to ensure brand fit, but to leverage dynamic and engaging individuals that understand the concept of the event.

Pop Up Retail

Staff to make your shop pop!

At the core of the Pop Up concept is an engaging and brand enhancing activity which unites a brand’s ethos, highly edited and thematic products and services and the skills of a knowledgeable and talented staff.

With a wealth of experience working with some of the retail world's most high profile brands, our experienced staff have the sales training to back up their personalities. As such, we can ensure a creative brand experience that delivers PR wow factor and profitability in equal measure.

Pop Up Hospitality

First impressions are lasting impressions.

Front of House and Hosting staff are an essential element in creating the positive impact a Pop Up event can have on its guests.

Conceptual, experiential and retail Pop Ups need sophisticated hospitality hosts and hostesses to not only create a presence, but to provide an unparalleled client experience.

Our Pop Up hosts are multi-lingual, pro-active and can add a brand enhancing dash of sparkle and glamour to any event.

Pop Up Brand Experience

Making pop ups that bit poppier.

The key to quirky, yet profitable, Pop Ups are the talented men and women that bring the event to life.

Sourcing and deploying skilled and pop up aware staff that are equally brand appropriate is at the heart of our approach to providing the ultimate of client experiences, whilst maximizing a brand’s impact with its targeted consumer.

Promotional models or costumed actors can add that extra layer of brand equity and transportative energy required to engage participants.

Who we've popped

We've popped with the best of them. Below is just a selection of our clients to date.

We'd of course be delighted to add you to their esteemed ranks.


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